"For The Creators to the rescue"

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We're on a mission to transform maternity fashion and we've been so fortunate to have a host of press coverage to help us on our way.

"If the idea of buying new clothes for the length of a mere trimester fills you with eco-dread, For The Creators is here for your maternity and postnatal clothing needs."

"You can also order two sizes and send the one that doesn’t fit back, which I found impressive." - Sarah Jossel

"Mums-to-be can rent maternity wear at For the Creators, which saves splashing out on clothes you might only wear for a matter of weeks."

"While you’re figuring out your new figure there is always the option to rent, not buy. Especially if you’re not looking to downgrade your dressdrobe just because you have a baby in tow."


FTC talks to the BBC

Our Founder Lyndsay Mason talks to BBC Breakfast about the future of Maternity Fashion Rental

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