Reduce. Reuse. Replant.

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for women to access the best in maternity and post-natal fashion in a way that reduces their carbon footprint.


Reducing CO2 through Rental

By renting instead of buying 1 new £100 dress and wearing once, you could save the equivalent CO2e of 

2 Trees being cut down

245 miles in a car

As a new mum, it can take up to a year for our bodies to fully recover from pregnancy and during that time our shape and size will change dramatically. This means that new mums are forced to repeatedly spend money on new clothes that result in high levels of waste, both in terms of cost and environmental impact. 


Reusable Packaging

Our reusable packaging partner RePack enables us to eliminate unnecessary waste from single-use packaging. Return your rented item in the same package you received it in and we'll reuse it up to 20 times. Reducing single-use packaging waste and CO2 emissions.


We replant 5 trees with every order

For The Creators our proud members of Ecologi, who we partner with to plant 5 trees for every order we receive. 

Ecologi also help us to reduce our carbon emissions as a company by offsetting the CO2 emissions we produce as individuals within the company.